The Online College Certificate in Fitness Business Management

The Online College Certificate in Fitness Business Management is an innovative Web-based Certificate (with an Optional Field Internship course) designed to teach students how to manage a Personal Training Program &/or a Health-Fitness Department as a Strategic Business Unit (S.B.U.) in both commercial and non-commercial based health and fitness facilities in the United States and/or internationally. The program was developed to establish an industry standard in fitness management education for allied health and fitness professionals, personal trainers, fitness managers, and entrepreneurs that wish to establish a successful business model and fitness operation.

Who Should Attend:
The Certificate Program is for (1) current managers that are wishing to implement successful fitness management systems, (2) current allied health and fitness professionals and personal trainers interested in establishing a fitness business or becoming fitness managers, (3) education directors of multi-site facilities or chains developing fitness professionals and fitness managers, and (4) companies that require the certificate program as a professional development program for employees to achieve key business goals, career objectives, and skills to advance beyond entry-level positions.

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